06 May 2017

Labour Party leader, Brendan Howlin, has commented on the one year anniversary of the Government.

Deputy Howlin said: “This Government was put in place 365 days ago when Enda Kenny was re-elected as Taoiseach on 6th May.

“Just 24 Acts have been passed since they took office, while the number of bills passed by the opposition destined to remain in parliamentary limbo are beginning to stack up.

“Indeed, I can’t think of any year during my time in the Oireachtas when so few bills became law.

“And of course, there is no issue that is too important for them to kick to a commission or a committee – water charges, third level fees, repeal of the eighth amendment – all of them kicked to touch. From the rental crisis to the baptism barrier, issues and laws are being parked or deferred.

“Earlier this week, we saw the Independent Alliance celebrate all their achievements in Government. There really isn’t much to celebrate for a Minister who did nothing to fix the crisis in Bus Éireann.

“Any progress we were beginning to see, will now be stalled thanks to the Leo and Simon show both trying to outdo each other with dog-whistles to the right on the national airwaves.

“Doing nothing is not something to be proud of. It means that Government begins to do actual harm. 365 days of this behaviour is just not acceptable.

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