Labour’s Collective Bargaining Legislation secures Union Rights for 270 Workers

05 June 2017

Labour Party Workers’ Rights spokesperson Senator Ged Nash has welcomed a Labour Court recommendation which has secured collective bargaining rights for the staff of Clare-based US multinational Microsemi.

Senator Nash said:

“The 2015 Industrial Relations Act introduced a strong pro-worker collective bargaining system to Ireland.

“Every case taken to the Labour Court under the Act thus far has been won by the trade union which has taken the case.

“The most recent case, taken by SIPTU sought the establish the union’s right to represent staff at Microsemi in Clare.

“It is very significant decision in that it is the first case involving a US multinational company in Ireland under the 2015 Act.

“This critical legislation is doing exactly what it says on the tin – advancing the rights and dignity of working people though their trade unions to improve their pay and terms and conditions.”

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