Taoiseach has utterly failed to promote women

Ivana Bacik TD
20 June 2017

Labour Seanad Leader, Senator Ivana Bacik, has outlined her disappointment with the lack of women sitting at the Cabinet table and being appointed as Junior Ministers.

“It is quite disappointing for women across the political divide to see the lack of women promoted by Leo Varadkar at Cabinet and as Junior Ministers.

“For a man who has modelled himself on Trudeau and Macron, he has utterly failed in following their lead in promoting women in politics.

“The participation of women in decision and policy making is crucial in order to highlight the issues that secure women’s general position within society. The inclusion of women’s perspectives into government policies and programmes means that issues such as childcare, equality in the workplace, the health care coverage needs of women, social welfare, pension reform, retirement security for women, home care, long term care, housing and domestic violence can be dealt with properly.

“However, despite the small percentage of women in politics in Ireland over the years, I believe the influence and contributions made by these women far outweigh their numbers. And politics needs more women.

“Taoiseach Varadkar had a real opportunity today to take the lead and promote the many capable women from within his Party and make an impact on women in politics but he has utterly failed in this.”

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