High number of fire safety notices in Dublin of concern

03 July 2017

Labour Cllr Andrew Montague has said the high level of fire safety notices in Dublin, as revealed by RTE, is deeply concerning and that increased resources are needed for building inspections.

Cllr Montague, who is Chair of the Planning and Property Development SPC of Dublin City Council said:

“I am deeply concerned at the number of homes in Dublin that have been served with fire safety notices. For example in 2016, out of 27 notices, 14 were served in 11 premises in Dublin.

“Worryingly, it is those with low incomes and at risk of homelessness who are most likely to be in unsuitable accommodation, and also ensure that their landlord has provided a safe property.

“As we saw in London, we never know when a tragedy will hit, but it is imperative that fire regulations are strictly enforced and that landlords in particular meet their statutory regulations on fire safety.

“The Department of Housing must ensure that local authorities have sufficient resources to inspect and monitor private rented accommodation.

“We need a much more proactive approach to fire safety and planning enforcement. We cannot rely on complaints alone. The local authority must be much more proactive at ensuring building regulations and planning laws are enforced.”

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