Mental Health report a wake-up call for Government- Lynch

07 July 2017

Labour spokesperson on Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch, has expressed her concern over a report by the mental health watchdog which found a rise in the number of children admitted to adult units.

The Mental Health Commission described the increase as ‘totally unacceptable’.

Ms. Lynch commented:

“I am concerned to see that the recent downward trend in child admissions to adult facilities seems to have now reversed, which is clearly not the direction we should be going in.

“Adult facilities are not the right place for children and adolescents with mental health issues who need tailored and age-appropriate care.

“This report should serve as a wake-up call for Government.

“The new Minister of State for Mental Health Jim Daly needs to establish where and how these cracks are forming, and increase efforts to reduce these admissions.

“The Mental Health Commission listed a number of possible factors behind this trend, including a decrease in the number of beds for children and adolescents in the system, and a shortage of staff.

“The HSE needs to up the ante with regard to recruiting and retaining trained professionals in this area in the immediate term.

“While there has been much improvement in the whole area of mental health in recent years it is important we do not rest on our laurels and go backwards instead of forwards.

“Unfortunately this report today indicates that Ireland still has some way to go in providing our children and adolescents with the type of care they deserve.”


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