Deal isn’t done on Clonkeen

19 July 2017

Labour Cllr for Dun Laoghaire, Deirdre Kingston has said there is a lot more that needs to happen before the sale agreement on the Clonkeen pitches is signed, sealed and delivered.

Cllr. Kingston said:

“Recent reports from the Minister for Education suggest that the sale is a done deal.

“I don’t accept that. There is still the issue of the legal action that the school is taking against the Congregation of Christian
Brothers. As long as this is in motion, no sale can proceed.”

“As well as that, before any sale goes through, there is a strong possibility that it has to be ratified by the Charities Regulator, as the Congregation of Christian Brothers is a registered charity. I understand that no such notice has been received by the Regulator.

“I reiterate my call that the Minister can step in and take leadership on this issue, before we see playing facilities across the country being sold to developers by religious orders. It’s a dangerous precedent to allow to happen and he needs to protect the interests of the students he represents.”

“While others are perfectly happy to lie down and accept the Minister and the Congregation’s word that this is a done deal, I will continue to support the school and local community to do all we can to stop this sale taking place.”

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