Answers needed on Immigration case

20 July 2017

Labour spokesperson on Equality, Cllr Deirdre Kingston has called for better transparency on immigration cases following the detention overnight of a Brazilian woman who was entitled to visit Ireland for up to 90 days. Cllr Kingston said answers are needed as to why the woman was detained, was due to be deported but then released and given permission to stay for 10 days.

Cllr Kingston said:

“I am concerned at the details of this case, the type of economic profiling being used by immigration at Dublin airport and quite simply, how this woman was treated by authorities when coming to visit friends in this country.

“We need to know what type of profiling is being used, and whether Ireland is needlessly causing distress to visitors to our island. We also need answers as to why such draconian action was taken.

“I am shocked that the Brazilian woman was detained overnight in prison with little cause, and had to resort to the High Court at one point. Thankfully she had friends here to advocate for her, but questions remain as to why she was arrested and brought to prison, and then finally given 10 days to remain in Ireland, reversing a previous decision that would have seen her deported to Basle today.

“Despite having evidence of a return flight, and cash resources, and having previously met all immigration laws during her previous stay in Ireland, she was detained. She did not deserve to be treated with such little respect.

“We need better oversight of our immigration system, and how cases like this are being handled. Maybe there was a reason for this but we at least deserve an explanation.

“It is very concerning that visitors to Ireland may be discriminated against because of their background, education or economic status.”

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