National Affordable Housing Scheme needed for Clonburris

28 August 2017

Labour Spokesperson on Affordable Housing, Joanna Tuffy has called on the Government to bring in a National Affordable Housing Scheme in time for the development of the Clonburris SDZ in Clondalkin.

Ms Tuffy said:

“There is an urgent need now for an affordable housing scheme as large scale developments begin across Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

“Clonburris in west Dublin which is a designated Strategic Development Zone is expected to eventually have over 8000 houses. Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2015 requires that a percentage of the houses built at Clonburris will be Social and Affordable Housing.

“However an affordable Housing element might be absent unless the Government steps in and implements a National Affordable Housing Scheme without delay.

“There was previously a National Affordable Housing Scheme in place but this was discontinued. Affordable housing schemes are aimed at helping low income families to buy their own homes.

“These families would usually have incomes above the income thresholds for social housing but struggle to afford to buy or rent on the open market.

“One of the developers for Clonburris is reported today as saying that it is ready to start building almost immediately. This underpins the urgency with which the Government needs to bring in a National Affordable Housing Scheme to make sure that affordable housing is among the housing offered for sale at Clonburris and other future housing developments.”

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