Closing train lines won’t resolve funding issues

29 August 2017

Labour spokesperson on Transport, Senator Kevin Humphreys has criticised the renewed speculation that Irish Rail may close up to four train lines to secure savings.

Senator Humphreys said:

“There is a clear need for increased investment in our rail stock. The financial challenges in Irish Rail won’t be resolved by closing four rail lines.

“Shane Ross and the Government should commit to keeping all current services running, to increased capital investment, and an increase in the PSO in Budget 2018.

“The NTA’s Rail Review Report in 2016 highlighted the need for an additional investment of at least €100 million per year up to 2021 to bring services and infrastructure up to scratch.

“In the upcoming capital review it is essential that the investment needed to improve network maintenance, and renew and refurbish the rail fleet is provided.

“For a Government that claims it wants to rejuvenate rural Ireland, slashing transport services for once off savings makes no sense.

“What is needed are train services that meet people’s needs by ensuring they can use them to get to our cities and towns in a timely manner, that tracks are maintained to keep speeds up, and a programme in place to promote local services.”

“Closing services that provide important connections to Limerick and Waterford cities, as well as Rosslare Port will not help promote balanced regional development.”

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