Why will Budget ignore Carers, Disabled and Unemployed

30 August 2017

Labour spokesperson on Social Protection has criticised the Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty for stating that she will not seek weekly increases in the Budget for those who aren’t pensioners. This follows recent mixed messages on what will be in the Social Protection Budget package in October.

Senator Nash said:

“Another summer is drawing to a close, and once again we’ve had a number of kites flown by Government Ministers about what will be in the Budget. I was shocked to hear that the Minister for Social Protection will not be seeking any increases to a raft of weekly social welfare payments apart from the pension when she meets with the Finance Minister.

“A fortnight ago Minister Doherty said her priority will be to help lone parents and children. At the weekend just gone we heard she would be demanding a €5 increase in the old age pension.

“At this stage it’s hard to know what she wants to do, but it appears she is prepared to ignore the needs of carers, disabled and unemployed recipients of social welfare payments.

“The Minister for Social Protection has been flip flopping back and forth as to what will be delivered but has made clear that most social welfare payments won’t be increased.

“The Labour Party will be proposing that increases to social welfare payments be at a minimum linked to the rate of inflation to preserve their real value. I would encourage Minister Doherty to make the same case in this year’s budget negotiations.”

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