High prices quoted for social housing show need to cap price of building land

08 September 2017

Labour spokesperson on Affordable Housing, Joanna Tuffy has said that the high prices being quoted by developers for building social housing in Dalkey show the need to cap the price of building land. Ms Tuffy said:

“It’s reported today that a developer is asking Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to pay more than €500,000 each for apartments to be used for social housing in Dalkey. This contrasts with the price charged for affordable housing in another part of Dublin when 3 bedroom houses were sold to families for €160,000 at Poppintree by O’Cualann, a not for profit Housing Body.

“This difference in price yet again highlights the need for legislation to be passed by the Oireachtas to cap the price of building lands.

“Ireland’s current housing crisis is the latest in a long line of housing crises over the years.

“Previous crises have led to Government reports that have recommended capping the price of building land, including the 1973 Kenny Report which would have allowed courts to control the price of land in designated areas and permitted local authorities to acquire land for building in designated areas at below market value .

“In 2004 a Cross Party Constitutional Committee on Property Rights concluded that the Constitution does not present an obstacle to the Oireachtas attempting to regulate or control property rights in the public interest.

“A Labour bill to implement recommendations from the Kenny Report was last year rejected by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil deputies.

“The impact of the current housing crisis is devastating but it won’t be the last unless the Oireachtas grasps the nettle and legislates to cap the price of building land to ensure that housing is affordable in future.”

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