FF must make their mind up over Budget

19 September 2017

Labour spokesperson on Social Protection Sen. Ged Nash has called on Fianna Fáil to clarify where they stand on Budget 2018 following confusion over whether their Party Leader wants to see health and housing prioritised, as Labour has called for, or else tax cuts to the Universal Social Charge.

Senator Nash said:

“Following Deputy Martin’s interview on Morning Ireland this morning, we are still no clearer as to what specifically Fianna Fail want in this years Budget. He said ‘I don’t think you can do both’ referring to tax cuts and public spending.

“Fianna Fáil have managed to pick a row with Fine Gael over tax cuts but also seems to want to rule those out in favour of investment in public services.

“The Labour Party has consistently said that with limited fiscal space, the focus of this years budget must be on targeted investments into health, housing, education and social welfare rather than tax cuts that will amount to less than a cup of coffee a week.

“Fianna Fáil can’t have it both ways – they can’t call on one hand for investment in health and housing, whilst on the other demanding a cut to the USC.

“After spending months attacking Fine Gael over it’s obsession with abolishing the USC it is now bizarre to see Fianna Fáil taking up that message.

“It’s time Fianna Fáil focused on the substance of what they want rather than orchestrating another artificial row with Leo Varadkar over their confidence and supply agreement.”

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