Affordable housing needs to be prioritised

02 October 2017

Labour spokesperson on Housing, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has said the Government needs to prioritise affordable housing in its plans to tackle the housing crisis.

 Deputy O’Sullivan made the comments following the latest report from showing house prices are increasing by a daily average rate of €50.

 A report by has also shown that asking prices are up by nearly 12 per cent in Dublin, and around 9 per cent elsewhere.

 Deputy O’Sullivan said:

 “This staggering increase in house prices yet again shows that we are in a state of emergency when it comes to the housing market.

 “Going by the figures from Daft, house prices are now going up every month by a minimum of €1,000, which can only come as depressing news for those desperately trying to afford a home.

 “It is quite clear that any strategy to tackle this crisis must include a national Affordable Housing Scheme. We have heard mutterings from Government on this over the past year but as yet, no concrete plans.

“With supply at an all-time low, the State needs pick up the slack from where private developers have failed. There are simply not enough homes being built.

 “In NAMA, we have an existing body with the resources and expertise to drive the development of affordable housing.

 “We do know there are thousands of vacant sites and properties dotted around the country which could be utilised.

 “The information yesterday that the vast majority of sites that NAMA sold are still lying idle while the housing crisis deepens makes it all the more urgent to take measures to stop land hoarding, including the implementation of the Kenny Report recommendations that were included in the Labour Party Housing Bill voted down by  the Government a year ago.

“I am also concerned by reports that the official numbers of new house builds may be overstated, and this needs to be clarified by Government.

 “The housing crisis is fast becoming the crisis issue of this generation. How many more reports need to come out before it is treated with the urgency it requires?


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