Exchequer returns show Government will have room in Budget- Burton

03 October 2017

Labour Finance spokesperson, Joan Burton TD has said that the latest Exchequer figures show that the Government will have room in the Budget next week to deliver on better public services and capital investment- if it makes the right choices.

Deputy Burton said:

“The figures published today for the end of September show that the Government will have significant resources in Budget 2018 if the right choices are made.

“Notwithstanding some shortfall in PAYE income tax and VAT, it is clear from the increasing number of people at work from official statistics that we can expect a large increase in the self employment income tax returns in November.

“Should the Government commit to a tax reform agenda next week from those areas of the economy that contribute the least we have the potential to deliver the investments Ireland needs.

“Tackling offshore tax evasion and closing loopholes in our tax laws are crucial to doing this.

“In recent weeks I have uncovered and outlined a number of measures that if pursued would ensure that sufficient resources are available to provide resources in health, housing social provision and capital investment.

“Today’s figures show that it is possible to address these critical issues in people’s lives in the forthcoming budget.

“It would be foolish to squander resources on unnecessary tax cuts at a time when vital needs must be competently addressed. Taoiseach Varadkar and Minister Donohue should not be tempted to play Santa for electoral popularity.

“People want housing, health and infrastructure properly provided. The Government should not be tempted to bypass these issues for short term electoral gains.”

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