Social welfare recipients at the back of the queue as increases are delayed by three months- Nash

11 October 2017

Labour spokesperson on Employment and Social Protection, Senator Ged Nash, has said its deeply unfair that social welfare increases announced in Budget 2018 won’t take effect until March, while tax cuts will be implemented from January.

Senator Nash said:

“Those who depend on the State for their income will be angered to see that the €5 increase to pensioners, jobseekers and carers promised by the Government actually only amounts to as little as an average of €3.85 per week when it finally kicks in next Spring.

“Why tax cuts will take effect in early January, while pensioners will have to wait until the 26th March to see any small increase simply beggars belief.

“This is deeply unfair and this inequitable decision requires some explaining from the Minister for Employment & Social Protection, as does her failure to secure the full restoration of the Christmas bonus.

“When resources started to become available again, the previous Government and this administration set about gradually increasing this crucial payment to help families through the Christmas period.

“Hopes that the payment would be fully restored this year have been dashed. This will come as a massive disappointment to some of the least well off families in the State.”

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