Irish Women’s Rugby team deserve full time coaching

18 October 2017

Labour Party Equality spokesperson Councillor Deirdre Kingston has said the decision to downgrade the position of Head Coach to the Irish Women’s Rugby team to a part-time role is a disappointing one.

“It is especially disappointing to see the IRFU downgrade this position after the really successful Women’s World Cup that was hosted in Ireland only a few short months ago.

“During the World Cup, the nation really got behind the women’s team and there was much commentary on how they could inspire young girls to take up the sport.

“The notion that the IRFU would only hire a coach for the women’s squad on a part-time, six month basis is an insult to the women who put so much energy, commitment and enthusiasm into the sport.

“Earlier this month, we saw that the All-Ireland winning Dublin Ladies Football team had to fundraise for their own team holiday, while the men had their holiday paid for through a sponsorship deal. As well as this, earlier in the year we saw the women’s soccer team highlight grievances such as the lack of a proper kit and having to share tracksuits with other teams.

“It is time that we treated our sportswomen with greater respect, and invest in their sport, with the aim of having them on an equal footing as our men’s team. This is not just to benefit current players but it is also to set an example for young girls who are playing in local sports clubs all around the country.

Findings released by Lidl Ireland and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association earlier this summer show that one in every two girls give up sport completely by the aged of 13. Ensuring that senior teams have proper coaching can inspire young women to keep on sports that they love.

“The Irish Women’s Rugby team are great role models for Irish women and for all Irish sports fans. I hope that the IRFU reconsider the decision on downgrading the position of their coach to part-time.”


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