Construction Employment Order a major victory for workers & Labour movement

19 October 2017

Senator Ged Nash has welcomed the enactment of the first sectoral employment order for construction workers today, based on legislation introduced by the Labour Party. This order sets legally binding rates of pay and conditions for construction workers as a result of proposals passed into law by then Minister for Employment Nash in 2015.

Sen. Nash said:

“The signing of the Construction SEO today following the approval of the Oireachtas is a major victory for workers and a landmark event in the fight for decent work for all.

“In 2015 I put in place a framework to allow for negotiated pay increases, and that would implement a floor on terms and conditions in a specific sector, that once agreed at the Labour Court would be approved by the Oireachtas and implemented by the Minister.

“Today 50,000 construction workers can be assured of better terms and conditions because of actions undertaken by the Labour Party.

“It has been estimated that this will mean construction workers will see their wages rise by roughly 10% across all grades, based on the rates that had applied in 2013.

“This is the first sectoral employment order that has been implemented and is a major victory for workers. It replaces the old registered employment agreements that were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2013.

“I hope it will now lead to such orders across other parts of the economy to ensure that workers can negotiate increases in their wages and betters conditions at work, and prevent a race to the bottom by unscrupulous employers.”

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