Housing Agency Claim that Crisis ‘Completely Normal’ beggars belief

20 October 2017

Labour spokesperson on Urban Regeneration, Joe Costello has said the remarks by the chairman of the Housing Agency that the housing crisis is ‘completely normal’ beggars belief.

Mr Costello said:

“The statement by Conor Skehan, chairman of the Housing Agency that “Ireland’s housing crisis is completely normal” beggars belief. 

“How normal is it that too many houses were built during the Celtic Tiger and that hardly any houses were built in the last decade; that there are record numbers of people homeless and on housing waiting lists; that young working couples are unable to purchase a home; and that homeowners with tracker mortgages are being robbed by the banks?

“If the state’s official Housing Advisory Body, established in 2010 is telling the Government that the housing crisis is “completely normal” then no wonder no progress is being made in addressing the supply of housing.

“Mr Skehan and his Housing Agency have nothing to offer the hard pressed citizens who have no roof over their heads or no home they can call their own.

“Mr Skehan should fold his tent and exit the stage rapidly before he causes more harm.”

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