Proper funding & coaching needed to help grow women’s rugby

23 October 2017

Labour Party Equality spokesperson, Councillor Deirdre Kingston has rubbished claims by Fianna Fail Senator Terry Leyden that rugby is bad for women’s health.

Councillor Kingston has also supported the #Legacy campaign by players which is calling into question the legacy the IRFU want to leave women’s rugby with, just after hosting the World Cup.

Cllr Kingston said:

“The comments made by Senator Leyden in the Seanad last week are an insult to the women who put so much energy and commitment into playing rugby across the country.

“To make matters worse when Senator Leyden was pressed on the issue he said he “read on Google that women shouldn’t play rugby for health reasons.” Senator Leyden should leave the medical advice to the professionals.

“Following these comments and the downgrading of the Women’s Rugby coach to a part-time, temporary position, it is great to see rugby teams in Ireland and the UK get behind the #Legacy campaign.

“It can’t be denied that lack of proper coaching and funding for women’s teams is damaging not just for the players but public perception of the sport.

“How are we supposed to encourage young girls to take up sports such as rugby if we won’t even give our national team proper coaching?

“The Irish Women’s Rugby team are great role models for Irish women and for all Irish sports fans. I hope that the IRFU reconsider the decision on downgrading the position of their coach to part-time.”

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