O’Sullivan shock at reports of sub-standard rental conditions in TV documentary

02 November 2017

Labour Housing spokesperson, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has expressed her shock at the appalling conditions of a number of rental properties in Dublin revealed in an RTÉ Investigates programme.

Deputy O’Sullivan questioned whether there is scope for a criminal investigation into the matter if peoples’ lives were recklessly endangered due to fire safety breaches.

Deputy O’Sullivan continued:

“This programme appears to have exposed a sordid and exploitative underground black market in the rental sector that needs to be stamped out.

“It is simply unacceptable that in 2017 we would have a situation where there are 64 people living over two shops in Dublin.

“I am appalled at the reports of sub-standard living conditions with inadequate facilities that clearly present a major fire hazard.

“There is also a real question as to whether a criminal investigation might be required, if peoples’ lives were recklessly endangered due to fire safety breaches.

 “While I have only heard snippets of tonight’s programme on RTÉ radio, there appears to have been a total breakdown in regulatory standards in some places.

“Government needs to ensure local authorities have the adequate resources to inspect all rental properties and ensure they are compliant with regulations.

 “There also needs to be increased information sharing between the local authorities and PTRB regarding the registration of rental properties.  

“A zero tolerance approach to these types of squalid conditions in the rental sector is required.”

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