Another day, another attention seeking idea from Independent Alliance – Sherlock

Seán Sherlock TD
03 November 2017

Labour Party TD for Cork East and former Minister for Overseas Aid, Seán Sherlock TD, has criticised members of the Independent Alliance for their plan to go to North Korea to try bring world peace.

Deputy Sherlock commented:

“Another day, another outrageous attention seeking idea from John Halligan and his Independent Alliance friends. This is just another example of the Independent Alliance  seeking to distract from their incompetence in Government under the guise of saving the world.

“This morning Minister John Halligan said that himself, Minister Ross and Minister McGrath would go to North Korea in a personal capacity to encourage peace. Minister Halligan was quick to stress that this trip would be in a personal capacity.

“What good would it be for the Irish State and North Korea for these three to go over in a personal capacity? It would be entirely counter-productive and highlight how little clout these three have.

“Rather than try arrange bizarre trips to North Korea, perhaps these three Ministers would be better off concentrating on some pressing issues in their own departments.

“Instead of flying off to North Korea in search of world peace, Shane Ross could roll up his sleeves and solve the issues in Irish Rail which will come to a head again next week. In the last eighteen months, we have seen several transport strikes in which Minister Ross has proved that dialogue and persuasion is clearly not his strong suit.

“I am sure Ministers Halligan and McGrath’s time would be better spent trying to actually achieve something in their ministerial portfolios like encouraging more people to take up apprenticeships or get Ireland to finally implement the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

“These Ministers clearly have nothing better to do than think because they saved Fine Gael from oblivion that they can save the world from nuclear war. Perhaps Minister Halligan has been spending too much time with the European Space Agency?

“I suggest that these three should actually get down to business in their own departments rather than try organise a fantasy lad’s holiday over the national airwaves.”

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