Let’s aim for Industrial Peace in Irish Rail first

06 November 2017

Labour Transport spokesperson, Senator Kevin Humphreys, has called on the Minister for Transport Shane Ross to try to secure industrial peace in Irish Rail first before he seeks to apply his talents on brokering a settlement between North Korea and the United States.

Senator Humphreys said:

“Tomorrow a second day of industrial action will take place in Irish Rail.

“Minister Ross should seek to facilitate talks between both sides in the Iarnród Éireann dispute in a bid to stave off industrial action, rather than focusing on his grand efforts to broker peace in North Korea with his fellow Ministers.

“It’s a steep learning curve for the three amigos who are seeking to forge peace in the Korean peninsula. If Minister Ross were to apply himself first to the problems in his own portfolio it would be a better use of his time.

“This is the fourth major strike action in public transport bodies during his tenure. You would think by now that Minister Ross would have learned a thing or two.

“Unfortunately there have been no efforts over the last week to broker a resolution, while the Minister has been distracted with his pitch for world peace.

“Every effort must be made to avoid industrial action tomorrow, but the reality is that workers at Iarnród Éireann, whose pay has not increased in nearly ten years, clearly feel they have run out of all other options.

“The failure of WRC talks when management pulled out at the last minute from a possible agreement highlights the need for strong political leadership to deliver a settlement in this dispute.

“There is now an urgent need to bring both sides back together without preconditions to try and resolve this action, and I would call on the Minister for Transport to facilitate this dialogue as a matter of urgency rather than tilting at windmills in the Far East.”

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