O’Sullivan support for NCT-style inspections for private rental sector

06 November 2017

Labour Housing spokesperson, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has pledged support for proposals by the housing charity Threshold for an NCT-style system of inspections for the private rental sector.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“The shocking revelations in last week’s RTÉ Investigates programme have shown just how far some rogue landlords are prepared to go in order to make a profit in the private rental sector.

“There are clearly real issues regarding the enforcement of regulation in the sector, which need to be addressed if we are to clamp down on the sort of sub-standard and dangerous living conditions shown in the documentary.

“An NCT-style system in the private rental sector, which is something Threshold has been calling for for some time, would mean landlords would have to comply with minimum standards in order to rent their properties in the first place.  

“This would address issues such as fire hazards and overcrowding that were so prevalent in the RTÉ programme.

“Through the granting of a minimum standards certificate, tenants would also know the properties they are viewing are above board and meet the regulatory standards. It would also take the onus off tenants to report any issues or breaches in compliance.

“This type of checks and balances system is not the only issue facing the private rental sector, with a need to also drastically increase the level of inspection rate.

“However it would set clear guidelines for what are considered as acceptable minimum standards, just like the NCT system has helped to keep cars in poor conditions off the roads.”

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