FG afraid to take on the Independent Alliance

10 November 2017

After another week of national embarrassment, Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys said it has become clear that Fine Gael is afraid to take on the erratic and damaging behaviour of the Independent Alliance in order to remain in power.

Sen. Humphreys said:

“As Fine Gael meets for the second day of their National Conference, it is clear that is both unwilling and afraid to challenge the increasingly damaging behaviour of the Independent Alliance as to do so would end the Government.

“On Thursday night we were treated to the sight of the Transport Minister Shane Ross announcing that their trip to North Korea was off, as he denied knowledge of any letters sent to the North Korean regime, and desperately tried to defend the credibility of his colleague who had been found to have broken the law.

“On Friday morning Minister Halligan contradicted the evidence given at the WRC by his Department by saying he asked discriminatory questions to all three candidates he interviewed. Later that day he had to disavow that statement saying he couldn’t remember. We still haven’t been told why Minister Halligan himself did not go to the WRC hearing.

“And just weeks ago Minister McGrath was forced to come out publicly to disavow his previous position on the HPV vaccine.

“It has become clear to the Irish people that the Independent Alliance is not fit for Government, and that Fine Gael is not willing to challenge their behaviour in order to remain in power.

“It is a sad reflection of new politics that this erratic, damaging and embarrassing behaviour is now the accepted norm as the real problems faced by Irish society are side-lined by their latest escapades.”

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