Humphreys concern over cutbacks to Garda overtime in Dublin this Christmas

29 November 2017

Labour Dublin Senator Kevin Humphreys has expressed concern that cutbacks to Garda overtime in Dublin this Christmas period may leave the capital particularly vulnerable to an increase in crime.

Senator Humphreys said:

“The Christmas period is traditionally a very busy time for Gardaí in Dublin when we tend to see an increase in incidents like burglary, theft and drink driving.

“I am really concerned at reports that there has been a ‘complete ban’ on overtime in Dublin; what we need to see over the festive season is more Gardaí on the streets of the capital, not less, especially in the inner city where this is expected to have the most impact.

“The GRA today said the ban would leave an ‘open door for criminals’, which is clearly a real cause for concern.

“The people of Dublin need to be assured that if they need the Garda response time or their capacity to respond to incidences of crime won’t be hampered by these budgetary issues.

“Frontline policing is hugely important to communities, especially over the busy Christmas period when many people feel particularly vulnerable to criminal activity.”

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