Statement on Brexit Talks

04 December 2017

Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin has said that the obvious solution to the Brexit talks impasse now is for the UK as a whole to accept the need to remain within the single market and customs union to maintain regulatory alignment.

Deputy Howlin said:

“The Labour Party has consistently supported the position adopted by the Irish Government on the assurances required by the people of this island from the British Government to ensure Brexit does the minimum possible damage to our hard won political and economic stability.

“We do so in full recognition of the rejection of Brexit by the people of Northern Ireland.

“So I share the disappointment expressed by the Taoiseach on the inability of the British Government to deliver upon the agreed position of this morning.

“I agree too that Ireland does not want to see a hard border between our island and Britain.

“The solution to this problem is obvious and involves the UK as a whole accepting the need to remain within the single market and customs union – a position supported by the political representatives of Wales, Scotland and London today.

“And an issue not determined by the Brexit referendum. This would achieve the regulatory alignment that is needed to avoid a hard border.

“The resiling by the British Government from a position it had agreed now means this process has reached a fundamental crisis.

“I remain hopeful that an agreement can be achieved, but as the Government has said, there has been no hidden agenda from Ireland both before the referendum and since on our objectives which is to secure the future of the Good Friday Agreement and avoid a hard border.”

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