Extravagant Ballsbridge apartments highlight two tier society

07 December 2017

Labour Senator and spokesperson for Dublin, Kevin Humphreys has said the extravagant apartments being built and sold in Ballsbridge highlights our two tier society and the failure of the Government to tackle the housing crisis and provide for affordable housing.

Senator Humphreys said:

“The outrageous price of €6.5 million that has been paid for a penthouse apartment in Ballsbridge highlights the growing divide in Irish society when ordinary people can barely afford to rent or purchase a home in our capital city.

“When the focus of developers in the midst of a housing crisis is to provide for extravagant apartments and showhouses it is symbol of the absolute failure of the Government to deliver on social and affordable housing.

“With skyrocketing rents and a chronic shortage of affordable homes, it is clear that the private housing market has failed, and it is now time for the Government to intervene in the market in a serious and structured way.

“There is no affordable housing scheme, and no plans for one either it would seem.

“Just a short walk from Ballsbridge, through a united community campaign we secured a commitment that 28% of the housing built on the Poolbeg SDZ would be social and affordable housing yet we have still seen no progress towards construction.

“It’s time now for the Government to address the housing crisis through state action before a two tier society is embedded like has happened in London with expensive and empty housing for the elite and long commutes and unsuitable accommodation for everyone else.”

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