Labour Youth Condemns Trump’s Jerusalem Statement

Labour Youth
07 December 2017

Labour Youth has today condemned Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, including occupied Palestinian territory, as Israel’s capital.

Speaking on the matter, Labour Youth Chairperson, Chloe Manahan said:

“Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel represents an extremely dangerous threat to what is already a precarious arrangement of peace.

“It is not only foolish to underestimate the effects of any decision regarding Jerusalem taken lightly, it represents a total disregard for human life in the region. This action would result in grave consequences to the entire region, invariably escalating the conflict.

“An embassy move to Jerusalem would be a violation of international law that would massively impede any progress towards peace.

“Perhaps Mr Trump is unaware that Palestinians, like all other people have a right to self-determination, to freedom and to dignity.”

Labour Youth implores its members and allies to write to the US Embassy in Ireland, calling for a reversal of this callous and careless decision made by President Trump.

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