Schulz federal proposals misguided

07 December 2017

Labour Party Leader and foreign affairs spokesperson, Brendan Howlin TD has described proposals made by SPD leader Martin Schulz on European integration as misguided and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of the EU.

Deputy Howlin said:

“The idea that in the midst of the biggest crisis the European Union has faced we should begin a discussion about excluding member states that do not sign up to a federalist view of the Union is fanciful.

“What we require at the point is to focus on making good for European citizens on the lost decade of the financial crisis.

“What will be ultimately be good for Europe will be better wages and better public services.

“Mr. Schulz’s proposals would certainly be illegal under the existing treaties and rightfully so.  Worse still it would be used by those hostile to the Union as a rallying cry for their forces.

“Our job now is to work through the existing crisis, ideally to persuade the United Kingdom not to exit the Union (ideally under a Labour Government) but it if remains minded to do so to do so in as orderly and rational fashion to minimise the economic downside to itself, Ireland and the rest of the Union.

“When that is achieved we can take up the discussion again about where we want the EU to go.”

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