Howlin warns against complacency as poll reveals support for 8th repeal

09 December 2017

Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin TD, has welcomed the findings of an Ipsos/Mori opinion poll showing strong support for repealing the 8th amendment to the constitution.

Deputy Howlin said:

“While these indications are welcome at this stage, there is a considerably long journey to travel on this campaign.

“However, it is significant that support for repeal is broad and has cross party support.

“I think the public expect this campaign to be conducted in a civilised and informative fashion, but they are open to change.

“The process underway at the Oireachtas committee following that of the Constitutional Convention has been exemplary in this regard.

“It is clear that people with open minds on the issue are finding the process persuasive and transforming.

“We await now the report of the Committee and an Oireachtas decision on it.

“The signs are that the public is ready to engage fully in this process and this debate.”

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