Time for Irish people to have their say on the Eighth Amendment

20 December 2017

Welcoming the publication of the final report of the Committee on the Eighth Amendment, Labour’s representative on the committee, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has said it is time for the Irish people to have their say on the issue.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“The report published by the Committee today, which comes after three months of evidence and input from numerous witnesses and experts, is definitive in its recommendation of a straight repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

“This simpliciter recommendation, which I put forward on behalf of the Labour Party and was accepted by the Committee, recognises that the issue of abortion does not belong in the Constitution.

“As someone who campaigned to oppose the amendment in 1983, I believe that the Irish people deserve to have their say on the issue next year.

“The current situation is simply untenable; the longer the Eighth Amendment remains in the Constitution, the longer womens’ health will continue to be put at risk.

“Government must move quickly and give clarity as to when a referendum will be held, setting a clear roadmap for the New Year regarding the preparatory work that will need to be done.

“We in the Labour Party will campaign in a dignified way, respectful of all views, and with womens’ healthcare needs at the centre.”

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