Advice on online ‘influencers’ advertising standards welcome – Genockey

14 January 2018

Labour Party spokesperson on Health Promotion, Councillor Martina Genockey has today welcomed the advice published by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland on ‘online influencers’. 

Councillor Genockey said:

“Following much public debate around the role online influencers play in advertising products to Irish consumers, I welcome the advice published by the CEO of the ASAI that manipulation of images in online advertising has to be declared.

“As we see a move to more online advertising through bloggers and influencers, it is vital that these types of advertisements are held to the same standards and codes of practice to ads we would see on television and in print.

“As young people move away from traditional forms of media towards online platforms like Snapchat and Instagram it is vital that they are seeing the real deal and not an altered version of reality in online advertisements from ‘influencers’.

“Influencers using photo manipulation apps like Photoshop and Facetune to alter their image while advertising beauty and health produces send completely the wrong message to a young and often quite vulnerable audience.

“Research by the National Women’s Council of Ireland has shown us that 41 per cent of Irish women reported to being unhappy or very unhappy with how they look. Social media was found to have the most negative influence on a young woman’s body image.

“The advice by the ASAI is a step in the right direction for ensuring that Irish consumers, particularly young people, will not be misled by online influencers and the brands they represent.”

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