Bacik welcomes EU call to ban plastic packaging

Ivana Bacik TD
17 January 2018

Labour spokesperson on Climate Action and the Environment, Senator Ivana Bacik, has welcomed plans by the EU to ensure all plastic packaging is recyclable by 2030, saying that Ireland must move to tackle the issue before that.

Senator Bacik said:

“The sheer volume of plastic packaging used in everyday items now is astonishing, and the vast majority of it totally unnecessary.

“I welcome this incentive from the EU to ensure all plastic packaging is recyclable in the next 12 years, which will serve to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that essentially can stay around forever.

“Ireland has already shown great leadership in the fight against plastic. As well as the introduction of the plastic bag levy, we now have Labour’s Bill to ban microbeads currently going through the Dáil, and legislation to ban non-compostable coffee cups, a Green Party Bill which we were proud to co-sponsor.

“We are beginning to see a shift in mindset when it comes to awareness of the damage plastic can cause to our environment. Programmes like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet before Christmas, which showed first hand the damage caused to our marine environment, have really shone a light on the issue.

“We now need to take steps across the board to phase out the use of all non-recyclable plastic completely. There is simply no need for it and Ireland, as an island nation, must show leadership.”

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