Bonner battles for best possible Clonburris SDZ

29 January 2018

Labour councillor for Clondalkin, Breeda Bonner, Deputy Mayor of South Dublin, is working to ensure the best possible outcome to the Clonburris Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) which is being debated in the County Council up to 2 February next.  She’s proposing motions which include the following priorities:

  1. Good quality accommodation in Clonburris.
  2. Much improved public transport, both rail and bus.
  3. Ensuring a good 70:30 mix between private and public housing.
  4. Ensuring that people living in the adjoining estates of Ashwood and Cappaghmore do not have their houses overlooked by high rise dwellings.

Cllr. Bonner said:

“I hope that the approximately 8,500 homes to be built in Clonburris, basically the vacant land lying between Clondalkin and South Lucan, could provide housing for many local young people.”

Cllr. Bonner explained that the land concerned has been zoned for housing since the 1970’s but is only being developed now due to dodgy land rezonings passed by Fianna Fail/ Fine Gael dominated councils in the old Dublin County Council in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

She also explained that, in an SDZ, developers must provide relevant services such as schools, shops and parks as the housing is built. This would be in line with what’s been happening in Adamstown, the first SDZ, where the developers built facilities such as schools, play areas and a railway station in tandem with housing.

Cllr. Bonner said:

“I welcome the prospect of new housing, given the dire need so many people have for a secure place in which to live but it must be done properly .

“The SDZ route was the best way to develop the area. Otherwise developers who already own the land could build anyway without putting in necessary facilities so it essential that the final plan is the best possible outcome.”

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