UK election now necessary

04 February 2018

Labour Party Leader, Brendan Howlin TD, has expressed concern about the Brexit challege and speficially on the capacity of Prime Minister Teresa May to do any deal on Brexit  

Deputy Howlin said:

“I believe that a new British election is necessary to elect a Government with the authority and capacity to engage with the European Union. Mrs May’s Government is now so paralysed I question its capacity to do a deal for Britain.

“A fresh election is in Ireland’s interests. It is difficult to see how any other Government could be as in hoc to the hard Brexiteer rump in the Conservative party.

“I understand the intent behind the Tanaiste’s recent affirmation of good relations between Ireland and the UK post Brexit, he feared that this could be counterproducive.

“The truth is that Brexit if it happens will amount to the biggest jolt to Anglo-Irish relations since the troubles began and we should be wary of soft soaping that.

“I am yet to see any proposal from the British to counter my view that their proposal to withdraw from the customs union will do anything but untold damage to Ireland.” 

“It is also our view that Britain is engaged in an appalling act of self harm that we as a neighbour and a friend would like to see her draw back from.”

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