Double fuel allowance for older people during cold snap

27 February 2018

Labour spokesperson on Social Protection, Senator Ged Nash, has called for the fuel allowance to be doubled for older people this week in light of the forecast snow and freezing temperatures.

Senator Nash said:

“With the cold snap set to take hold around the country in the coming days, there is a real concern that older people will be particularly vulnerable to the freezing temperatures in their homes.

“Thankfully we’ve had plenty of warning and time to prepare for this extreme weather event, and as the temperatures begin to drop people should be encouraged to keep their homes properly heated.

“The Department of Social Protection should now put those older people at ease and facilitate a one-off, double payment of the fuel allowance this week so they can stay warm during the course of this extreme weather.

“This would amount to an extra €22 or so but would make a huge difference to those on lower incomes.

“We’ve heard Minister Daly indicate that older people should keep their heating on 24 hours a day during this snap. While this sentiment is welcomed, we need to back it up with resources to ensure people aren’t faced with high fuel bills once conditions return to normal.”

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