New apartment guidelines will squeeze out families

14 March 2018

Labour Housing spokesperson, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has expressed concern that new apartment guidelines will further squeeze out families, couples and others struggling to find homes in the current housing crisis.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“From an initial review of the new apartment construction regulations it seems builders and developers will have the most to gain.

“By allowing up to 50 per cent of new developments be made of one bed or studio units, removing certain size restrictions and dropping limits on the maximum numbers of apartments on each floor, we are likely to see a real drive toward the over- construction of one-bed and very small two-bed apartment blocks.

“With little incentive to build affordable, mixed-size apartments, I am concerned that families and couples already struggling to rent will be squeezed out once again and fall to the back of the queue.

“This adds to the transient nature of much of the rental accommodation already in place, and doesn’t address the need to build long-term homes for communities.

“There is also a real concern that proposed developments already in the planning process may be abandoned in favour of the more lucrative options under the new rules.

“The private sector can’t be relied upon to build homes based on societal need- and the State must take the lead on building affordable homes for people to rent and buy.”

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