Good governance is at the heart of a vibrant city

22 March 2018

Speaking at a public meeting in St Peter’s Hall, Phibsborough, Joe Costello said  that the Labour Party would establish the office of directly elected Mayor of Dublin at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Costello said:

“Good governance is at the heart of a vibrant city. The Labour Party has long championed the idea of a directly elected Mayor with executive powers to govern the capital city and suburbs. By having a strong Mayor with a direct citizens’ mandate Dublin can fulfil its potential to become one of the great cities of Europe and deliver for its people.

“Dublin is a wonderful and historic low-rise city with magnificent architecture, generous green spaces and wonderful waterways.

“However, in recent decades it has suffered from a lack of vision in spatial planning. Consequently, it has become bloated, sprawling all over the neighbouring counties of Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Louth.

“Housing policy has favoured the developer thus tying the construction industry into a cycle of boom and bust and creating housing and homeless crises in the process.

“Management of our public transport and traffic system is hopeless and the city is fast becoming gridlocked.

“Gangland crime, antisocial behaviour and drug-related activity are destroying the heart of the North Inner City.

“Community arts and culture are grossly undervalued, under resourced and neglected by the public authorities.

“It is time to reclaim, to redesign and to restructure our capital city and to make it a vibrant place to live and work. It is time to give the city back to its citizens and communities to enjoy in security.

“A directly elected Mayor with a broad remit and with executive powers, with policies and resources and a fixed term for delivery is the best way to enable Dublin realise its enormous potential.”

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