Homeless numbers will go beyond 10,000 if Government doesn’t act to protect renters

04 April 2018

Labour Party spokesperson on Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan TD has warned that the number of people becoming homeless will continue to rise unless there is decisive and quick action from Government.

It comes as the Labour Party publish their Greater Security of Tenure and Rent Certainty Bill, to give renters greater security in their homes.

Commenting on the publication of the Bill, Deputy O’Sullivan said: 

“Today I am launching the Greater Security of Tenure and Rent Certainty Bill, in the context of the homeless figures published last week that showed nearly 10,000 people homeless in the country. The most shocking figure is that this includes 3,755 children, which is up 48% in the past year. There are 222 more families homeless than there was this time last year.

“Most people who are being made homeless end up that way because their rents have been hiked or they have been put out of their private rented accommodation because their landlords have said that it is needed for a family member, that the place has to be done up or that it is being sold. The main purpose of this Bill is to address that issue. It is a really urgent and serious situation and this is something that we can do in the shorter term.

“The anxiety and misery endured by families and particularly children, has to end.

“The Constitution contains property rights but they are supposed to be balanced with social rights and the needs of the common good. I strongly urge that in the crisis we have with homelessness, the common good needs to be served by giving people the kind of certainty and security that their counterparts in the rental sectors in most neighbouring European states have but which they do not have. The simple legislation we are proposing would address that.

“Thousands of people are expected to march through Dublin next Saturday in a united front to demand action on the Housing crisis. Labour members will be participating in the march along with other political parties, trade unions and civil society and community organisations and I urge people to join in.”

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