Labour TD Jan O’Sullivan refers removal of posters to the Gardaí

22 April 2018

Labour Party TD for Limerick City, Jan O’Sullivan has referred the removal of Labour Party posters on the Referendum to Repeal the Eighth to the Gardaí in Limerick City.

This comes as Deputy O’Sullivan obtained video evidence of the posters being removed from the Punches Cross area of Limerick City.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“This is not just a problem isolated to Limerick City. I’ve received reports from Labour colleagues from across the country that our Yes posters are being taken down shortly after they have been put up.

“This is a democracy, just because you do not like the message on one poster or another, does not mean you can take it down.

“Yesterday evening, I went to my local Garda station after receiving video evidence of our posters being forcibly removed.

“We were the first to put up the Yes posters in the Limerick. Some other parties have put them up, and I know the Together for Yes campaign is going to be putting them up in the very near future. I want to nip this in the bud.

“I’m on record of saying that the campaign in 1983 was tough. I thought these types of tactics would remain in the past and that both sides would be able to campaign respectfully.”

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