Voting Yes on May 25th is the only way to deal with so-called ‘hard cases’

Ivana Bacik TD
15 May 2018

With just ten days to go until Irish citizens will be voting on the removal of the eighth amendment from the Constitution, Labour Senator Ivana Bacik has said that voting Yes on May 25th is the only way to deal with so-called ‘hard cases’ and to show real compassion to women and their families.

Senator Bacik said:

“We are now just ten days away from voting in this vitally important referendum, and it seems that the tenor of the debate is becoming more vitriolic.

“It’s really important, as we enter the final days, that the debate remains respectful and factual.

“We need to remain focussed on the issues at the centre of this debate- the need to prioritise women’s healthcare and to show compassion in a crisis.

“To this effect, I fully support and endorse the comments of my colleagues in Lawyers For Yes, John Rogers SC, Michael McDowell SC and Ms Justice Catherine McGuinness, who have said that so-called ‘hard cases’ can only be dealt with by repealing the eighth amendment.

“There should be no attempt to minimise or downplay the really difficult cases that many women and their families face on a daily basis in a crisis pregnancy, and these women deserve our compassion and support.

“The only way that we can offer real compassion and support is by repealing the 8th amendment, which currently prevents women from accessing the care of their doctors in a crisis pregnancy, and places them in vulnerable situations abroad; or has the effect of leaving them alone and unsupervised by a medical professional using medication purchased online with the threat of criminal sanction.

“This is the reality facing thousands of women in crisis pregnancy situations and they need and deserve our support. That is why we need to vote Yes to repeal on 25th May.”

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