Event Centre Planning Switcharoo raises more Q’s – Horgan

23 May 2018

Cork Labour Party Local Area Representative, Peter Horgan, has said that comments today from the contractors of the Cork Event Centre seeking another amendment to planning raises more questions than answers on the stalled multi million development.

Mr Horgan commented: 

“Why wasn’t this amendment seen in January when the original planning amendment went in to change the cinema entertainment use to office use?

“Now we hear there’s an amendment to change from office to entertainment? These planning switcharoos further erode confidence in the project and raise more questions for the Government and the Tánaiste to answer. What is even more concerning is we have to hear this in a doorstep rather than formal notification to either Government or the Local Authority. This is the people’s money we are dealing with here, the people deserve far better than a drip feed of further dropped balls.”

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