Sinn Féin bottle it on No confidence motion

16 June 2018

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys has questioned why Sinn Féin have failed to table a motion of no confidence in the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy in their private members time next Wednesday following weeks of speculation and game playing.

Senator Humphreys said:

“If Sinn Féin believe the Minister of Housing and the policies being pursed by the Fine Gael government are the wrong solutions as I do, then they should table a motion of No confidence in the Minister.

“Despite having private members time in the Dáil next Wednesday and having flagged the prospect of a motion of no confidence for several weeks Sinn Féin got cold feet at the last moment.

“Instead their bluff has been called this week by the Taoiseach and they seem afraid to face the people in an election that might follow if Fianna Fáil decided not to abstain.

“Having exploited the prospect of tabling a motion for some weeks I am disappointed that Sinn Féin have now bottled it. They have time in the Dáil.

“If they believe like I do that this housing crisis is unacceptable now, then they should table the motion. Pretending that they might do it in a few weeks or in advance of the budget is an effort to exploit the issue for personal political gain.”

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