Ball in Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s court if further strike action is to be avoided

29 June 2018

Speaking on the third day of industrial action at the multi-billion euro Lloyd’s Pharmacy chain, Labour’s Workers’ Rights spokesperson Senator Ged Nash said:

“The Labour Party fully supports the staff at Lloyds Pharmacy who are on the picket line again today.

“A serious escalation of strike action is planned in the coming weeks if the reasonable and legitimate demands of the workers, as reflected in a recommendation of the Labour Court are not met.

“I want to pay tribute to the resolve of the staff and their determination to see this action through.

“No right minded person would deny that their calls for union representation, respect and decent and secure pay and conditions are the least that loyal staff should be entitled to expect.

“Last week, I wrote to the management of Lloyd’s Pharmacies asking them to accept the Labour Court recommendation and to engage in a meaningful way with Mandate to address issues around certainty and security over working hours and conditions. The response I received was extremely disappointing.

“The company’s high handed and arrogant approach to their staff’s legitimate demands for income security and more certainty over their hours is simply appalling.

“The ball is in Lloyd’s Pharmacy’s court if the three full days of strike action scheduled for July are to be avoided.

“My message to Lloyd’s is this; respect your staff, respect their chosen trade union and show some respect to our labour institutions.”

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