Bus Network changes must be affordable and efficient

02 July 2018

Labour Transport spokesperson Sen. Kevin Humphreys has tentatively welcomed the publication today of proposals from the NTA for radical changes to the bus network in Dublin but said there must a genuine consultation with the public that takes on their views, and the result must be an affordable and efficient service.

Senator Humphreys said the consultation should run until at least the end of September to ensure that all those impacted have a chance to make their input after the summer holidays end, and that the proposed changes should also be advertised on existing routes so those using them can be aware of what is planned.

Senator Humphreys said:

“It is only a few years ago that Dublin Bus undertook a broad review and restructuring of the bus network, but the growing congestion on main arteries into the city shows the need for a more full overhaul, as I have been calling for.

“All of the proposed changes published today are contingent on the Bus Connects model being delivered, and it is a radical plan that will require years of implementation.

“For commuters, and those who rely on Dublin Bus every day to get around our city, the changes must be affordable and efficient.

“If people are getting stuck in traffic on their bus, a 90 minute fare may not be practicable. Similarly, the loss of, and changes to well known traditional routes will also cause a lot of confusion for more elderly people.

“The public consultation must be genuine and open to feedback. As it plans to be open from next Monday 16th July until mid September, I would call on the NTA to extend it until the end of September so that the public have a chance to comment when the schools are all back, and people are no longer on holidays.

“Advertising the proposed changes on existing routes and at bus stops would ensure commuters and users know what is planned so they can properly feed in their views.

“The proposed addition of an inner orbital route ‘O’ between the canals is particularly welcome, as the Labour Party has sought this for some time.”

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