Labour Party confirms support for re-election of President Michael D Higgins

12 July 2018

At a meeting of the Labour Party Executive Board this evening, on the recommendation of the Party Leader it was unanimously agreed that the Party would support the re-election of Michael D Higgins as President of Ireland.

Deputy Howlin said:

“On my recommendation, the Executive Board of the Labour Party has today unanimously agreed that we will support the re-election of Michael D Higgins as President of Ireland.  

“In 2011 we campaigned to elect a President who would do us proud. Michael D Higgins has more than fulfilled that commitment, and has been an exemplary Head of State.

“This week he made clear his intention to seek a second term and outlined his reasons. The Labour Party is delighted he has done so, and we will enthusiastically work to re-elect him, if there is an election.

“The President has said he will be offering himself as an independent candidate and will nominate himself under Article 12.4.4.

“If there is an election, the Labour Party expects there will be broad based campaign encompassing the deep support that the President enjoys across our society.

“The Executive Board also called on representatives, members and sections of the Labour Party to support President Higgins as the endorsed candidate of our Party, and we will write to our Councillors to recommend this course of action.”

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