Hynes calls for targeted investment in South East

25 July 2018

Labour Candidate for Carlow/Kilkenny, Denis Hynes is calling on the Government to provide targeted investment in education, health care and job creation in the South East to ensure the working people of Kilkenny get their fair share of the national economic recovery.

Commenting on a new report from the South East Economic Monitor Denis Hynes said:

“It is clear from the report that Kilkenny’s economic recovery has come to a shuddering halt. Government has taken its eye of the ball.

“It is unacceptable and targeted investment in job creation and education is urgently required if Kilkenny and the people of the south east are not left behind.

“More needs to be done to bring decent, good paying jobs to the county. The report clearly states that workers in Kilkenny are being paid less than workers in other counties and that the living wage remains out of reach for many working people.

“The fact that we still have no university in the south east means every effort must be made to improve SUSI grants that will afford working people the chance to send their children to university.”

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