Minister Murphy must act now to curb the worst excesses of Airbnb

14 August 2018

Figures released today by Airbnb show that 640,000 people used short-term rentals that were operated in Ireland over this last summer period alone. Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys is calling on the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy to act now and regulate the sector.

Speaking today Senator Humphreys said:

“There are an incredible number of properties across Ireland, especially in major cities like Dublin, which are being used exclusively for short-term Airbnb rentals, while the scarcity of medium to long term lets for working people has led to the worsening of the housing crisis.

“The Minister for Housing has had a report on his desk for six months with recommendations on how we can regulate Airbnb and bring more dwellings back into the standard rental market. Such regulations have been seen in many European cities such as Berlin.

“I am calling on the Minister to publish this report and act now to curb the worst excesses of Airbnb. There are innumerable families, and single persons, looking for medium term rentals, with a high concentration in Dublin. While the government plans for house building are lagging behind its own targets, regulating Airbnb is one thing Minister Murphy could be doing to help renters.

“The high turnover of short-term leases and transforming of residential roads into street long hotels is also having a detrimental effect on urban communities. Neighbourhoods only develop with long-term residents. Short-term lets/Airbnb aids in the erosion of neighbour building.

“Regulating Airbnb won’t solve the homelessness crisis overnight but it would help bring more medium term rentals back into the market when they are desperately needed. Minister Murphy has to get to get serious about tackling the challenges facing renters today who don’t have time to wait for the government to build new homes”

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