Fine Gael’s housing proposal is just old wine in new bottles

13 September 2018

Labour spokesperson on housing Jan O’Sullivan has today described government’s plan for housing as “old wine in new bottles”

Commenting today O’Sullivan said:

“Today’s announcement from government of a Land Development Bank is a plan to sell off state-owned land to developers to make a profit which is totally the opposite of what needs to happen.

“The state owns enough land to build 114,000 homes around the country. We believe the state should keep control of its own land.

“Yes, we need a national body and we need more affordable housing but we are of the opinion that the land and developments should be kept in public ownership. The housing crisis should not be a profit-making exercise for developers.

“There is also no clarity on what they mean by affordable. If that is just a percentage discount on the for-profit cost then that is not real affordability in terms of people’s incomes.

“Given the lack of clarity on affordability, the fact there is no increase on the percentage of social houses in this proposal and the loss of valuable state assets which is being proposed, this plan really is just old wine in new bottles.

“We have seen the impact selling of state homes and lands into private ownership has had on house prices and rental costs.

“Only State-led action can deliver the volume of housing required, at an affordable level, using land that is already in public ownership. After years of private market failure, it is time for a new model.”


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