Delays for cancer patients in Galway and North West unacceptable

15 September 2018

Galway Mayor Cllr Niall McNelis has called on the Minister for Health to close the funding gap in capital investment for health services spending to ensure an essential cancer treatment unit is delivered in Galway, that will serve the entire North-West region, pointing out that ‘Ireland 2040’ is falling at the first hurdle.

Mayor McNelis said:

“Today’s reports of a €109 million shortfall in capital funding for health services is very worrying as it will push back the development of some new units by six months, if not longer.

“It has come a particular blow to cancer patients in Galway and the North West who will now have to wait even longer for the development of much needed state of the art radiation oncology unit in Galway. Personally I think these delays are unacceptable.

“For the last few months we’ve been inundated with Government spin about their capital plan ‘Ireland 2040’ yet at the first hurdle it’s clear that there isn’t enough investment into essential services.

“The delivery of services for cancer patients should not be put on the long finger and I am calling on Minister Simon Harris to close this capital funding gap between now and budget day.

“This Fine Gael led government has to make the development of a top quality health service for the whole county a real priority and stop long fingering solutions.”

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